Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Retail therapy troubles

2019 has been a hard year for several retail stores. Online shopping is taking a lot of business from brick and mortar stores. And some of these stores I have been shopping at most or all of my adult life. Going to the mall and shopping was/is retail therapy!! I’m guilty of doing online shopping but it isn’t as fulfilling as walking into a store filled with colorful displays and the wonderful smell of new merchandise. I have happy memories associated with three stores in particular:

I’ve shopped at Payless since I was able to drive. Special purchases I will always remember from over the years: two pairs of blue suede shoes, black velvet t-strap chunky heels—that I always got compliments on and was wearing on my first date with my husband, getting satin heels dyed to match my bridesmaids’ dresses, knock-off Keens for my kids—which were cuter than Keens, first pairs of tennis shoes for my new-walkers, countless other adorable children’s shoes, several cute sandals and casual slip-ons, fun and sassy earrings and cute purses....

Been buying kids’ clothes for 20 years. I was always a bit sad as my kids outgrew Gymboree sizes :-(. But—I’ve been a steady shopper here for all this time and still have two kids who fit kids sizes for a good 4-6 more years. And now the cute, adorable, mix-and-matching outfits are no more. Gymboree made it so easy to find those matching sibling ensembles. I feel like I lost a part of my kids’ childhood :-(....

Honestly—this one closing is like all the candy stores in the world closing. Charming Charlie was/is one of my favorite stores!!! The color grouping layout?! GENUIS! So perfect for finding the accessories you need! I LOVE THIS STORE!!!!!! I tried not to cry when I went in during their final week. I’d say half of my jewelry is from Charming Charlie. My husband braved this wreaking-of-estrogen store, by himself, once a year at Christmastime. And my stocking was a bling fest. Charming Charlie—I will never forget you.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

I’ll Never Forget

#2 turns 18! This little 5 lb, 9 oz babe was 5 weeks premature and 4 days old when the 9-11 tragedy occurred. I find hope in knowing that this new young adult is of the highest caliber and a true force for good. She is highly intuitive, compassionate, fun, and a true shining star. It sounds braggy—but it’s true—she lifts others and leaves them better than they were before. We are so blessed to have this ray of heaven’s sunshine in our lives!

Monday, September 2, 2019

A Marvelous Work!

What a miracle the light of the gospel brings!!!! 

Five years ago, my oldest child was a freshman in high school. She ran cross-country. She met many new friends on the team and, just in general, from being new to the school and area. One girl did not stand out a lot to her and that same girl found my daughter slightly annoying. But they became friends and over the course of the high school—best friends! My daughter invited her to church dances and special music performances at church. 

Who can say exactly when her friend begin to search for more meaning in life. Perhaps the two of them can pinpoint something. But to me, I don’t know that exact moment. Her friend gradually began to come to every church meeting and meet with the missionaries in our home. This eventually led to her choosing to be baptized right after high school graduation. And now she is leaving to serve a full-time mission for the Lord! 

I have witnessed, am witnessing, a miracle! It is amazing the light that her friend is and knowing that the spark inside her was fueled by my daughter’s caring heart and her own light. Let it shine! What joy we feel as these two wonderful women are our serving the Lord and sharing that light with God’s children!!!!

Baptism June 2019...

My #2 daughter has also became close friends with her. While #1 has been away on her mission, our dear friend and #2 have had ample time to hang out and prepare for her mission.