Monday, April 25, 2011


Okay, so this poster is more for the menopausal woman, but I can't help but laugh and think about it, lately.

I first saw this poster about 7 1/2 years ago--when I was pregnant with our 3rd child.  It was hanging in the bathroom at my doctor's office and I thought it was funny.

I've heard it said that with a new baby each day seems like a week, yet somehow that first year flies by!  How true.  Each day is quite long, filled with a lot of the same little baby tasks.  He is so cute, so soft, so fuzzy (his hair) and so sweet that I don't mind at all!  But, my hormones are definitely trying to right themselves, because I find myself getting teary-eyed about little things.  I wasn't even emotional during my pregnancy, never cried during testimony meetings or anyone's lessons.  But, the the tables have turned, for now I am all weepy!

Yesterday, Easter, the kids and I watched, "To This End Was I Born", a short LDS film about the Savior's final hours and I was a mess.  Worse, at these times, one of the kids will say, "Guys!  Mom's crying!"  And then all eyes are on me.  Sheesh.

So, what set me off today?  Child #4 and I decided to put up a mobile on the crib for the baby.  I was given this mobile when my oldest was born.  I can't help but reflect on how FAST my daughter has grown from infant to tweenager!  Oh, the tears....

I know I will look back at this post in a few months and chuckle.  But, for now...."Has anyone seen my hormones?!"

Friday, April 15, 2011

Wall Stickers--10% off sale now!!!

Yes, yes...more on those wall stickers.  Just got this email from them...
"To celebrate Easter and Passover we are offering an Exclusive 10% off coupon to our customers that you can share with family and friends!
Just enter BUNNY10 as your voucher code at checkout to receive 10% off your ENTIRE purchase! That is in addition to our always FREE shipping in the US. Promotion runs from today April 15th to April 18th."
So, go to and enter the code.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Survey answer...maybe....

He has brown hair!!!  Threw that bald choice in to throw you off--we saw his hair in a recent ultrasound (texture not color). 

Now, why the maybe?  Three of my older children were born with brown hair--but with two of them the baby hair fell out and blonde hair grew in.  So, I could have another blonde on my hands--only time will tell!!!

Shoot me an email if you'd like baby details...I'll reply in between cat naps :).