Friday, January 21, 2011

Motherly pride....

I don't write too much about my kids, because I don't want any weirdos knowing about them.  Honestly.

But, my oldest is so amazing (well, they all are).  Since we're going to have a baby soon, I know I'll be keeping track of all the little milestones he will reach, since they happen so fast in those first years. 

But, it's just neat when I can pinpoint things that my older kids are achieving, and stand back and be wowwed by them and their accomplishments. 

The school district has received some budget cuts to deal with from February-June.  My oldest's was concerned about this one activity that her grade participates in every year.  It is a wonderful opportunity--Junior Achievement BizTown, where for an entire day the kids are adults.  Boeing sponsors it.  They have an actually town set up, and every kids has a job, and is in charge of checking and savings accounts.  I only know details because I am a volunteer for the day that she will go.  It's pretty cool, wish they'd had it when I was in school!

Well, sure enough, due to budget cuts, this experience was too expensive and deemed a no go.  My oldest, and her friends, were pretty sad.  During one of their recesses they made some plans.  They decided to sell hot chocolate and donate all proceeds to the school so that they could all still go to JA Biztown. 

My oldest really took it upon herself to make sure this plan was executed.  She called several friends and their parents, set up dates and times.  She made time schedules, listed materials needed and made assignments.  Last night was the first night of selling and they made $115 in 3 hours (50 cents a cup of cocoa)!  They will definitely meet their goal with the rest of their sales.  All the other parents told me how impressed they were with my daughter's planning and organization skills.  I smiled at them, I am pretty impressed myself.  Wow!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Good things come to those who wait....

For many, ahem, years now, I have been waiting for a bargain like the one I got yesterday.  Always wanted one of these, in 13 gallon capacity.  And, whenever I found one that was okay-priced (not great), it was either smaller than 13-gallon size or one of those automatic ones with a sensor (usually the former).  Well, when my son and I were at Costco yesterday and saw this beauty for sale at $47.99, I actually cheered out loud!  It even came with a baby trash can (which I put in a bathroom), just like the daddy one, pictured here in the kitchen.  Even though it's stainless steel, which is no fun to clean, because of the foot pedal--there are no little fingerprints showing all over.  I am so excited!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My 2011 goal....

I started a 2nd blog to coincide with my 2011 goal, a promise to Jesus, if you will.  I really liked the idea of expressing my thanks, daily, to people.  So, I started another blog to keep myself on track.  I am going to thank a different person each day of the year--no repeats!  (Although, I'll probably thank my husband and family and close friends over and over again).  I want to develop a greater "attitude of gratitude" (President Monson).

The posts are short and sweet....