Monday, December 29, 2014

I miss them!

Each year, they come less and less as more and more move to green and green.
Yes, I speak of Christmas cards. Actual, physical, tangible Christmas cards. 
And, I have to say, I miss them. Though I know your love is real, the e-cards, e-mails, and posts, don't convey it as much. Just as me texting *hugs* to someone is not the same as giving that person a big, warm, actual, physical, tangible hug. 

I know my family has moved A LOT in the past years, but I still send cards to your addresses and they have my current one included. 

I understand that many are opting for the easier, cheaper, and supposedly greener way of not sending physical cards. Christmas is a time of generosity and for this I appreciate those who are still sending Christmas cards. And to those who don't do it anymore, I still love hearing from you and will take what I can get. *Hugs*