Thursday, September 27, 2012

Choose Your [My] Own Adventure

The "Choose Your Own Adventure" books have been around for a long time and they're still around.  Let's have some fun--why don't you help me with mine...happy clicking!

SuburbiaMom has just discovered that life is not busy enough with her family and their various activities. 

"Hmm...what can be done to complicate things more?" she finds herself always thinking.

Whilst minding her own business, one day, she actually grasps the meaning of a recent conversation with her husband: he is going to start his own company and is anxious to put some of their hard-earned savings into it. 

If they invest in his dream and it goes awry, turn to: business failures

If they invest in his dream and things turn out as planned, turn to: start-up successes

SuburbiaMom's husband is busy with emails, texts, phone calls and meetings from two different businesses: the company he currently works for and the one he is building.  He and his lovely, wonderful, supportive, not-to-mention-awesome, wife have come to a crossroads: they must stay in WA with his current occupation or move to CA to take on responsibilities with his new company.

If they stay in WA, with his current job, turn to: Stay in Washington

If they uproot all their five children's lives, sale/rent their current home and head to a higher cost of living [ahem, again] turn to: Move to California

Preparing to move takes patience and hard work and knowing how to plan and excute the plan.  Both SuburbiaMom and her husband are hard workers, but only one of them knows much about patience.  SuburbiaMom's head has just about exploded with all the waiting and timing of events [she is not the patient one, in case you couldn't tell]. 

Not wanting to sit around doing nothing while waiting, she presents another plan to her husband.  In this plan, he doesn't have to do to much, initially.  She, on the other hand, would have to willingly gain weight and lose sleep.

If they say, "Nah," to SuburbiaMom's plan, turn to: My House if Full of 7

If they say, "Yes," to SuburbiaMom's plan, turn to: 8 is Great

And, they lived happily ever after.....