Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Contest Time!!!

Hey, you lucky reader--you came at the right time!  Baby #6 is on her way and I'm interested in your girl name suggestions.  The rules are simple, should you choose to participate:

1. I have to personally know you.  Since this is not a private blog, anyone can read it, even strangers (eek).  So, if I don't know you--sorry--it's a no go!

2. One entry per person.  Leave your suggestion in the comments.

3. Entries should not start with the letters: A, E, G, K, or R. I'm trying to give all my kids different initials. However, if you really think I'd love a name starting with one of those letters listed above than you may list it...

4. If at all possible, please list not only the name, but also it's origin and meaning.

**Contest stays open 'til she's born--some time in February, most likely. I will pick my favorite submission at that time.

***The winner will receive this 1 pound box of See's Gold Fancy chocolates and quite possibly the honor of having named my child. I'll for sure pick my favorite name--just no guarantee that I'll use it. You know, I'm the mom--I can do that sort of thing, 'cause I'm the mom :).