Thursday, February 25, 2010

Help me win $100,000!!!

Please copy this link and rate my pose (a 10, of course!!) Thanks!!

The voting goes on for 5 more days (March 3)--and I believe you can vote every day. So, if it's not too much to ask! (And--please feel free to post this on your blog and send emails/facebook all your friends. If you twitter, I'd appreciate it too!!)

Monday, February 8, 2010

You may have my autograph...

Top right hand corner...I know what you're thinking....who is that babe balancing that giant purple egg on a paddle? She looks really worried about the ensuing race.

One of a bajillion families to have attended BYU's summer family camp, Aspen Grove, and I'm in the new brochure. That's my sis and two of my six bros, in case you couldn't tell. (Kid with the goggles is of no relation--we Tice's don't need no goggles).

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fun Tag

I would love to read your responses!!

Someday: I will dye my hair (when I go gray).
I usually: eat breakfast after I get the kids off to school.
I regret: buying a stupid timeshare.
I love: my husband, a lot.
I care: so much about people, even those I meet on the street.
I always: read your blog posts :) (if they are really lengthy I skim).
I am not: as tall as I wish I were.
I remember: people's names.
I believe: you can train children to do almost anything, it just takes patience, persistence, and love.
I dance: better than most people (aren't I humble?)
I sing: almost every day.
I don’t always: floss every night ;).
I argue: less than I used to (surprise, surprise!)
I write: individual messages on all the Christmas cards I send out.
I lose: my tan over the winter :(
I wish: that I didn't have to age...
I listen: to everything but country.
I don't understand: how the FDA gets away with so many things (or how those who work for the FDA can live with themselves).
I can be found: at home most of the day.
I am scared: of modern-day Jihad.
I need: very little.
I forget: to rely more on faith than the arm of my flesh.
I am happy: that I am so blessed with family and friends that love me.