Wednesday, December 24, 2008

N--Naughty or Nice?

I rarely read the news for two reasons: 1) It uses up too much of my valuable time and 2) Most of it is sad, violent, and/or depressing. Yuck. But, my wonderful hubby, who is a pretty avid news reader/watcher, will save stories for me to read that he knows are of interest to me (usually psychological and/or anthropolical related articles). Here's the one he saved the other day:

(Did I mention that my degree is in psychology?) I found this article interesting, especially the last paragraphs. It looks like we have a choice to be naughty or nice--WHO WOULD HAVE THUNK IT??!!?!??! Stay out of those powerful positions, I guess. Unless you have a very solid moral character, eh? Darn it, I'm still considering politics as a profession....Do you think my moral character is strong enough? :)
Well, choose niceness--Santa still has 15 hours, according to my timezone. (Is there such a thing as Christmas eve deathbed repentance?)

Monday, December 8, 2008

M is for MOVING!!!!

Many of you know that throughout my married life we have tittered back and forth between CA and WA. Well, my blog drought has been due to the fact that I have been packing and driving and soon-will-be-unloading our stuff! And, we're back in Washington and we plan on staying for a while. You may be asking, "Why the h_ _ l did you leave sunny, beautiful, warm southern California???!!!!"

I guess you could say that we are "going green." Western Washington is gorgeous!! Plus, I know how far my dollar goes in both states. While I love the beach and pleasant weather, this just isn't my dream home:

Okay, slight exaggeration. But, you get the idea.

Email me if you'd like my new snail mail address--you just might get a Christmas card, you never know!