Friday, November 6, 2015

Summer recap--part 2

June brought: trying out our new kayaks,

Dressing like your cousin (accidentally) and going to the movies,

Getting visited by WA friends,

Enjoying the local splash park,

While older brother (#4) sweats it out at tennis camp,

(#3 did volleyball camp, but it was indoors),

#1 and #2 went to stake YW girls' camp,

We goofed off at friends' houses,

And just kept cool....

Monday, November 2, 2015

Summer recap--part 1

Oh, how could I have let my favorite season pass by and not said a word? Well, maybe because it was busy. Not doing anything particularly important, just busy because everyone was at home and #5 still had his 20-30 hours a week of therapy. I only completed about half of the things I wanted to. But, everyone was happy and well and we still found some time away. Here's a few photos of summer 2015!

Starting the first day of summer break off right with a 4 hour sail around San Francisco Bay. We can't wait to own our own sailboat one day!!!

Bay Bridge with cute new 4th grader.

Her heart will go on....

Little chilly in the wind, batten down!

Coming up on the forgotten Treasure Island...

Coast Guard lighthouse and caretaker's home...

Of course the sun came out when we docked. Oh well--we still had a lot of fun.

Heading down to the beach to do something we've always wanted to--

Beach comb with a metal detector! Here the kids are digging up buried treasure on Treasure Island. We went home 27 cents, a broken picture frame, and a few old screws richer! Ha ha!

The younger kids stayed home with grandma, just chillin'.