Friday, May 22, 2009

X is for e"X"treme

The letter "X" is a racy letter. All words that begin with or have the "x" sound in the first syllable just seem more dangerous than other letters of the english alphabet. I could write lots about risky "x" words. (Hee, hee--side note--say "risky 'x' words" 5 x's fast). Anyway...this week we have had a first--an eXtreme--in my household....

Well, to begin, western WA is wet, off and on. It doesn't really turn all the way off until July through October. Whenever there is a warm, rainfree day, I have learned to drop everything and go outside and do yard work. There are many people here who do yard work in the rain, but I don't like to.

Last weekend was gorgeous. On Saturday, after attending 4 hours of soccer games, I came home and knew that I needed to plant the rest of the garden, otherwise I wouldn't have much of a harvest come harvest time. Mind you, Sunday was supposed to be an equally pristine weather day, but I don't work on Sundays (except for maybe washing a dish).

My hubby had taken one child to a birthday party so I had 3 kids to tend to. I pulled out all sorts of water toys, had 'em get on their bathing suits, and do a free-for-all in the backyard. They played and I succeeded in ignoring them for 4 hours while I pulled newly-grown weeds, fertilized, and put in new plants and seeds. During that time my hubby returned home. It was getting late and I knew the kids were getting hungry. I asked him to whip us up some vittles.

He went to the store and then brought the kids in and fed them whilst I still tended to the vegetable garden. When I finally came in, they were getting ready for bed. I scrubbed my hands and arms. I enjoy gardening and I always work up a good appetite. Dinner was take-out chinese food. The food was great! And there was a LOT of it.

In fact, there was so much food that we have been eating it for five days (we made something different for Sunday dinner). It's lunch time right now and I'm eating cashew chicken. We've, along with some pasta already in the fridge, been eating leftovers for 5 days straight!!!!

I can't stand to throw out perfectly good food, so we continue to eat it. Tomorrow I should be able to polish off the sesame pork, I think I'll cook them a real meal tonight. This is eXtreme for us--leftovers for 5 days?! This lovely, fattening, chinese food, has really helped me in my running this week. Good thing my race isn't for another month....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Blog Giving Day!!!

Just a quick post to show what my dear friend Christy gave me for Blog-giving day. She made me some homemade coconut marshmallows and they were so extremely good that I: 1) Didn't remember to share some with my family until I'd eaten half the bag and 2) Snarfed almost all of them down before I remembered that I should take a picture to post on my blog. (Imagine a neat, not-torn-into package with at least 4 dozen snow white marshmallows). Thanks so much Christy!! How did you know that I liked coconut--did we talk about that once during one of our many conversations in the Wymount stairwells (when our husbands' were in Starcraft land)?

Friends are so great--thanks, Christy!