Monday, August 18, 2014

The Shock is Almost Over

The shock of moving is almost over.

Fourth of July weekend was a crazy busy one, as we relocated to our new home in the Sacramento area.  

It's been a shock of a move--in a good, but never-slowing-down kind of way.  Sitting here in the parking lot, as my oldest is attending early-morning seminary, I am finally taking a moment to realize all that we've managed to accomplish in 6 weeks--and boy do I make myself tired!!

This is the first time, since my kids have been in school, that we didn't move in the middle of the school year.  Registering five children at four different schools (one being high school)--been there, done that!

Moving to a home with 36 fruit trees--in the MIDDLE of summer-- when everything's producing: dehydrating pounds of plums and making 15 pints of various kinds of jam (thus far), and finding new recipes for figs--been there, done that!

Finding, buying, sewing, adjusting curtains for windows that are taller than my old homes' windows--been there, still doing that!

Sortof neglecting the newly-acquired pool, finding it one day to be the color of lemon-lime Gatorade, crash-learning all about various pool chemicals and creating cocktails to bring it back to crystal clear--been there--done that!

Child proofing for a toddler, who has learned to climb on counter-height stools (and all heights in between) WAY earlier than all her five siblings previously--been there, done that!

Starting school and dealing with such changes as sleep deprivation from onset of early morning seminary--been there, done, Zzzzzzz....