Tuesday, May 4, 2021

2020 Recap, part 1 of 3

 Never have I ever had an ENTIRE year pass by and not blogged (since the inception of this blog back in 2008!) That about describes 2020–I just don’t have the words!!!

But—here is a pathetic attempt of summarizing last year:

JANUARY— took child #5 out of the public school system in order to have him homeschool with me so I could work on some life skills with him—in particular potty training and eating better. 

FEBRUARY—threw our annual couples Valentine’s Day party with a fun sweet sixteen “Napolean Dynamite” theme. It was awesome! Alas—the only picture—

#3’s BSA Eagle court of honor (the last of it’s kind since our church no longer supports BSA). 

MARCH—church prom, award at school, a birthday, and then SHUTDOWN!!!!!! (and that is where my homeschooling goals with #5 went down the drain!)

APRIL—#1 gets emergency evacuated out of Uruguay. We were glad to have her home safe but grieved with her at having to come home early from serving as a full-time missionary (which she absolutely loved!!)