Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pulling back on the reins....

Okay, each year is definitely going by faster than the one before!  What's up with that?!

June has been/is a busy month.  Here's our family highlights for this crazy month...

* 13th wedding anniversary!  Not going to be an unlucky number for us, I've decided.
* a 6th grader--yup, a junior-high student.  Elementary school no more :(
* a kindergartner--what?! 
* first laughs from baby
* official goodbye to newborn layette nightgowns--I love to put these on my babies.  But, he's a big boy and we really can't squeeze him into them anymore, though I want to put them on him so badly. 
* Sleep--yes, we get 8-9 hour stretches at night, I feel so blessed.
* Sunshine, well, at least it's out for now :)
* first harvest from this year's garden--lettuce!
* first summer sunburn for the redhead of the family (and hopefully the last).  MUST remember the sunblock for her every time we're outside!
* Father's Day and my dad is out of the country (in India on business)
* ward Fathers and Sons campout, my hubby is in charge--this could be interesting...
* dental appointments, joy of joys!
* last soccer games of spring soccer season, and possibly our last spring soccer season ever--kids are really hating how wet it is.  Fall soccer is much drier....

Summer, I welcome you!!  Don't go by too fast, please...