Friday, January 16, 2015

Magazine recommendation...

I love to read, but only in small increments at a time. A little of Facebook, a little of emails, a little of blogs, a magazine article here, a scripture chapter there...

I do love books but I don't like putting my life on hold to just sit and read and finish a book (and neither does my family!) It can be hard to put a good one down, so I am careful about even starting them. (I did finish one last week!) So, little reading snippets it is, for now.

I had the wonderful opportunity (ha!) to sit at the car repair shop for four and a half hours on New Year's Eve. My phone was almost dead so I didn't use it at all--except to call my kids and check in (didn't expect the car repairs to take almost 5 hours)! So, I sat there. And read, and read, and read. Thankfully, they had a lot of beauty magazines (strictly beauty and not smut!)--not just automotive and body-building ones. I am now well-aware of the style trends for 2015 and can honestly say I am saying no to the many volumous hair-dos they are projecting.

BUT, in the middle of all the piles, I found a magazine I had never heard of and knew from the cover, it would be an uplifting read--and it was!

This would be one of my dreams, to produce a magazine that focused on living happy! After reading all about people who serve, who put family first, who commit to produce clean entertainment (though not all who grace the magazine do), who commit to love instead of hate--I had one thought, "I must get this magazine subscription!"

And so I want to suggest it to you, too!

"Live happy" hey--isn't that what God wants for us to do?!