Thursday, October 27, 2011


Just curious, now....

Who reads my blog?  I assume it's only about 10 people, at most, because I don't see very many comments. 

So, if you are reading this--could you leave me a comment?  Or maybe email me?  Just curious...

(Maybe I don't want to find out--maybe there's only 2 people or something....)

Friday, October 21, 2011


I was out of town on Sept. 24, when my church has a worldwide broadcast for the women of the church to watch.  I missed this talk
President Uchtdorf gave lots of wonderful counsel, one thing being not fretting over things that really aren't that important. 

I listened to his talk this past Sunday.  I should have listened to it sooner :).

Don't ask me for help; I'll rarely say "no."  Well, I should have said "no" a few weeks ago.  Our R.S. Super Saturday (a day where we get together and do a bunch of crafts) was this past Saturday.  One of the ladies in charge asked me to head up a cute little set of nativity puppets.  I checked out the template online and knew I could do it.

It took a lot longer than it looked.  Mainly because there was no template for little detailed items, like hair, beards,  headpieces, and such.  I spent Friday night creating templates for everything and then getting all the supplies in order for each person who paid for a set of puppets. 

I also spent a few hours pressing, hemming, and cuffing a pair of dress pants for a friend.  My hubby was gone that weekend and all the kids were in bed by 9pm. 

I couldn't believe it took me SO long to finish up these two projects.  It was 6:15am when I finished and began cleaning up.  I wondered if I should even go to sleep since Super Saturday was starting at 8am (and I still hadn't popped up the popcorn I was asked to bring).

I felt that I needed to go to bed.  That one hour of sleep I got was enough to recharge me for Saturday's duties: making popcorn, Super Saturday crafting, soccer games, caring for infant, etc...

Saturday night, after the kids were down, I found myself in the kitchen making some treats for Sunday dinner, finishing a Super Saturday craft, and cleaning the kitchen.  I'd felt dizzy of and on during the day.  Out of the corner of my eye I could see darkness--I knew the fatigue was catching up to me. 

I felt very impressed that I needed to get to bed--immediately!  My kids didn't need to wake up in the morning and find their mother passed out on the kitchen floor.

Being sleep-deprived is just as bad as being intoxicated.  1 hour of sleep in a 40 hour time period--I was stupidly drunk!  I will never do that again!  (No puppet is worth that).

Thursday, October 13, 2011

This job doesn't pay enough!

Click on this link to pay me for my blogging and/or homemaking skills:

Made you click!

Seriously, though...I'm not quitting my day job--I'm kind of in it for, well, a while!

September and October have been a rollercoaster.  We took the kids on a suprise trip to Disneyland and SoCal, visiting old friends and places (pictures below).  It was a great time to go--3rd week of September when the whole nation is back in school.  The longest line ever was 20 minutes--and that was maybe once encountered!  We had a fun time.

Disneyland for 8 people (we invited my awesome mother-in-law) + airfare + car rental + food + a few souvenirs = a pretty large sum :)

Lodging was free, sort of.  We put that timeshare to good use this year...

Who would have thought, that while we were all blissfully enjoying ourselves away from home, so many objects IN the home would misbehave while we were away, and decide to cease operating only mere weeks after our return?!

Some of you married men who are good at sports.  Some of you married men who are good at speaking.  Some of you married men who are just good to look at.  Well, I married all that AND a man who is good at fixing stuff :).

It's not like he has all the time in the world, but he set to work feverishly during any free time he had.  But, alas, some times all the effort in the world is wasted on things that cannot be brought back.

Rest in peace:
  ~ 4th-computer-we've-owned-but-it-still-feels-like-we-just-bought-you ~
~ stove/range-that's-as-old-as-the-house-but-still-seemed-too-young-to-die ~
~ waffle-iron-that-never-made-the-best-waffles-but-we-still-loved-having you ~
~ clothes-dryer-drum-that-made-such-intersting-sounds-before-you-gave-in ~

Thanks, dear items.  I's not like we just coughed up enough money to go enjoy a trip together.  If you were going to miss us that much you could have just told us--not just quit on us!

I can't post pictures of the fun my hubby had in trying to revive everybody because the new computer requires a new cord, that I didn't have to have with our old computer, to accept my camera.  See!?!  Give them an inch--and they walk all over you!

(The following pictures were miraculously uploaded before the big crash).

So, in just a short 6 weeks--I got a trip, a new dryer drum, computer, and range/oven!  Have to save up a bit before I can afford the waffle maker.  Having a family isn't expensive...having stuff for them is!  Sheesh!