Monday, October 6, 2014

Update...since last post...

Sitting with my baby girl on my lap and feeling the need to type and tell you all thank you for your continued support with regards to my son!  I have saved all emails, Facebook and blog comments, to read and re-read when I am feeling low.  There are people who are going through similar trials, and I am grateful that they have extended themselves to us.  I haven't called anyone yet, mostly because things are so busy, but I am grateful that there are friends there for us.

I am not intending to blog about my son or autism.  This is kind of my place to say what I want about anything and everything.  It will not be a blog that focuses on autism.  Autism is such a huge part of our life now that I don't feel like talking about it more than we already do :). 

I DO, however, wish to give an update.  His sleep has been so much better since about April.  He had a nasty ear infection, got medicine, finished the medicine, and was all better and sleeping better.  I racked my brain: having an ear infection and now sleeping better--huh?

Then my husband and I realized what had changed around that time; He was moved to a twin mattress on the floor.  Guess he has enough room to stretch out now?  Don't really know, but his sleep has been pretty darn awesome since.  He will wake up about once every two weeks now, at least that's when we hear him, and he usually sings himself back to sleep without us having to go in.  This is so wonderful!!!!!!

So, now that I am sleeping more at night, uninterrupted, we have early morning seminary.  Eek.  Well, still working on that one.  Early to bed, early to rise--sounds so easy in theory--but my husband and I find our second wind once the younger ones are down!  We want to hang out for a few hours before going to bed and it is always a slap in the face waking up the next morning!