Monday, November 15, 2010

In case I don't have a home tomorrow....

I'm sitting in my house and listening to the 50 mile an hour winds blowing around me and it's really freaking me out!  Western Washington has a lot of big old trees all over.  I love big, mature trees, but not when the wind is plowing into them!  I hope they are all still standing tomorrow morning, when I wake up, and that my house remains unscathed!

Anyway, today was a crummy day so I decided I'd better take my own advice, that I give to my oldest child all the time, to count your blessings...

* I am thankful that Super Saturday is almost here and that I will be done with all this planning and preparing. 

* I am thankful that the PTA Reflections contest entries will be judged soon and I can get them to district and out of my office.

* I am thankful that my son's socks absorbed most of the urine that he unleased today while standing in the long line at the craft store.

* I am thankful that I only have to make 104 invitations for the Relief Society Christmas dinner; some of you come from big wards, sorry!

* I am thankful that I am a pretty heavy sleeper and will probably sleep through these insane wind gusts.  (The trick will be GETTING to sleep, though).

* I am thankful that I have the freedom to change my mind and cave on subjects like finding out a baby's gender.

* I am thankful that our baby is a very healthy little person--even if it's a he and not a she.  (I miss baby girl stuff!!!)

* I am thankful for wonderful friends like you who took the time to read what's on my mind...just because!