Friday, February 20, 2009

Q is for Quirks

The first definition in my dictionary describes "quirk" as "A personal peculiarity, mannerism, or caprice."
So, a few quirks about me, that you probably didn't know:
1. I don't like eating grapes. It all stems from one of my earliest memories, eating wild grapes from my backyard in Texas; they were sour and seedy. I buy them often for my family to eat, I just usually grab some carrot sticks to snack on instead.

2. I almost always run up stairs. Don't know why, I guess I think it's fun.

3. The kitchen has to be spotless before I can go to bed. (Since I spend 90% of my time there I like it, my workplace, to be tidy and in order when I arrive there for work the next day).

4. I'm not usually picky about other people's grammar and speech, but when someone says "We was..." I think it sounds as ugly as nails on a blackboard.

What are some of your quirks? I would love to know!