Friday, November 20, 2009

Jump on the bandwagon.

Yes, I waited in a long line last night.

Yes, I went with a group of female friends.

Yes, we screamed during the film.

Yes, I went to the 12:01am showing.

Yes, I spent 30 minutes just trying to get out of theatre parking lot.

Yes, I crawled into bed at 3:10am.

Yes, there was school for the kids today.

Yes, I am tired.


No, I am not so obsessed that I lust after Edward or Jacob.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Experimentation in my field....

Many people have jobs where they are required to do research. Some do more than others. In my line of work I do experimentations when I feel they are needed. Maybe this is because of my degree in psychology and my keen interest in that and of sociology. Who knows why, really.

Most recently I tested the overall and individual reactions to elivated household stress. The main focus was on lack of clean habiliment.

There were 6 test subjects. I will refer to them as:
1. Man
2. Woman
3. Child #1
4. Child #2
5. Child #3
6. Child #4

The trial period was over a period of 2 weeks, during which time the laundry facilities were left untouched.

After two weeks, these were my observations:
1. Man: Not too phased, seemed to not even notice improved space in dresser drawers .
2. Woman: Quite relaxed. Compared to the other test subjects, she had remarkably low stress levels.
3. Child #1: Highly stressed, quite irritable. Was prone to much screaming and yelling. Borderline dysfunctional.
4. Child #2: Adaptable. Never spoke on the matter, seemed quietly contained and satisfied to wear shorts and t-shirts, despite going outside in 40-degree weather.
5. Child #3: Also adapted well. Resorted to wearing and re-wearing dirty clothes.
6. Child #4: Maybe a little too young to have been tested. But, subject was found to be spending abnormal amount of time in pajamas.

While stress levels of individual test subjects varied greatly, the overall stress level was not too much higher than normal. Would like to have continued experiment for longer duration but found my own clean undergarment supply to be lessening. Would also like to try similar experiment with gauging stress levels in response to subject #2, Woman, not answering to the whiny call of "Mom." Will need to purchase heavy, gauge ear plugs, first.