Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beans are spilled....

Ever since last Saturday the gossip wire has been hot over here!  Half the school and probably all of church knows, thanks to my 4 fast-talking, loud-mouthed kids:

We are expecting a baby, around here, folks.  I am due in April and so far, so good.  Thought I should let you, my cool cyber friends, know before you heard it from my kids. 

Here's some answers to questions that are probably forming in your head (if you don't see your answer, than write me a question in the comments form and I will answer it for you--oh goodie!)

1. Yes, this was planned.

2. There will be 5 years between child #4 and child #5.

3. No, I have not been sick (never have with anyone--don't you hate me?)

4. No, we're not finding out what we're having--this will be a tie-breaker.

5. No, it's not multiples--we saw an ultrasound and there is only 1 baby there.

6. Yes, I am starting over from scratch, in regards to baby things* (This includes all my maternity clothes which a "friend" borrowed and never returned.  They were pretty cool and maybe she sold them because they were that awesome.  Oh well, bummer, guess I have to go shopping :).  )

 *The crib and a stroller managed to get packed and moved over the years and are magically awaiting to return from storage.

We are pretty excited.  I made up two new rules in our household: 1) You are NOT allowed to make ANY comments about mom's body and/or size and 2) You are NOT allowed to ask when the baby is due, since mom and dad already told you and you will make the next 20+ weeks absolutely miserable for your mother if you are constantly asking "When's the baby coming?"  or "How much LONGER til the baby gets here?", etc....

Well then, that's my news.  The beans are spilled!