Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The next decade....

I gave birth to a little girl in the fall of 1999. Fast forward to now. (Do you really think I could possibly try to cover the past 10 years here? TMI!!!!)

What do I have to look forward to in the next decade? Well, basically, I'll blink and my baby will be a sophomore in college! If she's like her mom, at that age, she will be just a few months away from meeting her future spouse. Oh my.....

We celebrated the momentous occasion of turning 10 with friends from church and school....

Wish I'd gotten a picture of everyone's--they all turned out so cute. All that time spent drilling holes was worth it.

Pass the Parcel

Balloon Stomp

We played a few other party games--one of them involved the girls taking a quiz about the birthday girl--just how well did they know her? (I should do one of those. Oh wait--that's what facebook is for).

Leaf print goodie bags.

She LOVES to read!

(The paper says: "Treats from some of _____'s favorite books")

Pumpkin tassies (Little Debbie pumpkin treats)---Harry Potter series

Knocker's listening stones (chocolate rocks)---The Ironwood Tree (Book 4 of Spiderwick Chronicles)

preserved crocodile tongues (Halloween gummy worms)---James and the Giant Peach

dragon's egg (giant jawbreaker)---Eragon

gold (chocolate coins)---Inkheart

Never bugs (Keebler graham bug bites)---Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg

dream trumpets (Oreo Stix)---The BFG

Well to plan the next decade....

Friday, October 16, 2009

Someone's paying attention....

My youngest child still takes naps. All of my kids have had the same nap routine: read a story, go to the bathroom, sing a song, say a prayer, then in to bed. I usually rock them or rub their backs when I sing. Today's melody was "Rock-a-bye Baby." I've probably sang it at least a thousand times over the last decade.

As I put my youngest into bed he turned to me and said, "Did the baby fall in the road?"

I thought, "What?!?!" A second later I realized he was referencing the song. I told him not to worry, the baby fell in the grass. ;).

Friday, October 2, 2009

Psalms 127:3-5

The title of my blog is "Beware of Kids." Don't know if I ever explained this. I reference it to a few years ago when I was with my 4 kids at Target or Wal-mart. We're all walking down the aisle (a kid or two was probably in the cart) and this woman is walking towards us from the very opposite end. She looks at me, shakes her head, and snorts, "Very brave. VERY BRAVE. Four? I can't even handle one." From that point I've always felt that I need to walk around with caution tape surrounding us and holding a big sign that reads "WARNING: Children are present! Persons with pedophobia BEWARE!"

I am no super mom. I love my kids and try to do all I can for them and help them grow up to be good citizens and not fight and be gregarious, etc., etc., etc. I feel like I am constantly adjusting schedules, budgets, priorities, and car seats to keep up with the growing demands of our family. Some times I do it grumpily, but it gets done.

My kids fight. I find myself getting caught up in that at times. You know the children of prophets and other religious figures and how they recollect things about their childhoods? They always say things like, "I never heard my mother raise her voice." Yeah, my kids would never say that.

I just had my birthday. My husband was out of town. This meant, to me, it was going to be a yucky birthday. I don't know how women can fall out of love with their husbands and devote all their time and energy on their kids, because I love, love, LOVE my husband. He is my sun. Sappy, but true.

I stayed up WAY late on the eve of my birthday to can tomatoes. They'd been sitting on my counter for a few days and they weren't getting any fresher so I canned! I also made some peach butter. I went to bed at 2:30am. I groggily got out of bed 4 and a 1/2 hours later to start the morning routine. I was surprised to see the beam of a flashlight shining around the kitchen. One of my daughters gasped when she saw me and the other one said, "Oh no!" It took me a few seconds and I realized they were making me breakfast! I saw a little bottle of orange extract out and asked them what that was for. "We couldn't find the orange juice so we were going to make some."

I quickly explained what orange extract was for and then pointed them towards the freezer. I went back upstairs to take a shower. When I came downstairs this is what I saw:

Please understand that I don't let them use the stove, yet, since they are just above eye level with it. I am 32. We have no "2" candle so they put 2 regular ones in its place. Frosted mini-wheats, orange juice with all the trimmings, and that little bowl is Haagan Dazs--I've always wanted to have that for breakfast!

It is hard to surprise me, I'm a hard one to trick. But, the girls did this time! It really made my day. They were angels, shining before me.

So, about Psalms 127:3-5--verse 5 is missing a footnote "b" which should be in front of "quiver." Footnote "b" should read: "And you are doubly blessed if you get daughters."