Monday, July 27, 2015

From out of nowhere--

--some random thoughts...

--I haven't blogged in a while because I felt uninspired, too busy, and wondered if anyone still read this dinosaur.

--turns out people still read it, aha--inspiration again!

--I want to get a more savvy template--the kind that look seamless on both mobile devices and computers. I know I could pay a small fee for someone to do it for me or figure it out myself--but I don't have time! Thanks for putting up with the dinosaur for now...

--I'm blogging right now because I have a 3 hour layover in Phoenix. What to do when you travel without children--oh! The possibilities!!

--True fact--my mother-in-law has lived with us for 9 months, on and off, this past year and a half.

--True fact--we got along pretty well! There was only one spat when she got so mad she stormed out of the house and took a drive. While my husband was trying to make peace, between us, I told him, (no joke), "I'm the queen bee!"

--True fact--we made up and I totally don't even remember what we were fighting about :-). (But I am the queen bee--in my house at least!!!)

--Sad fact--the baby is now potty-trained. She learned so well and fast. Where has my baby gone?! She is still my little cuddle bug. She is such a perfect note to end on, since we had to end somewhere (I'll be 40 in two years!!!!)

--Final fact--I am in a nice bubble being a stay-at-home mom. I get to try to create a heaven on earth in our home. Being on this trip I've heard the f-word a hundred thousand times, seen people openly looking at digital filth, and quite frankly--I am tired of the world. Jesus, can you please come soon!! Well, at least it gives me a reminder about why I am doing what I am doing and a giant, reminder-of-a-slap-in-the-face of what I am up against. Mothers of the world--take courage! Bee a good queen bee!!