Monday, June 27, 2016

My marriage has reached adulthood!

I am not getting around to blogging as much as I would like. And, it always seems that I am blogging about my wedding anniversary. There are no excuses for this: I consider my decision to marry my husband, in the Washington D.C. Temple, to be the best decision I have ever made!!!

It's been a great 18 years. The last three have given us quite a whirlwind of emotions with the whole "rug-pulled-out-from-under-you" autism journey, of our now 5-year-old. Our relationship has been tested, and continues to be as we are continuously met with obstacle after obstacle. But this I will attest to--we better deal with all that is thrown our way when we work TOGETHER. 

I have grown to love him more and more as I have seen him, during our trial, dig down deep for that extra ounce of strength, patience, kindness, hope, faith....

My life has been derailed and we are running on a different track than most people. We have more than stopped to smell the roses! We are in slow-motion smelling those +!@*#% roses now!!! While I am meeting friends along the way who know how I feel, I am forever grateful that my husband-- the love of my life, my sexy, funny, perpetually 23-year-old boyfriend--and I are going through this together. He knows exactly how I feel.

Happy 18th to us! People--marriage is worth it if you and your partner are both willing to invest your whole heart, might, mind, body, and soul!!!!