Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Owie week

I don’t like to post embarrassing or ugly pictures of people but I had to do this one.

My poor baby! #6 had a high fever on Saturday and Sunday. That was her only symptom. Til she showed us her upper right gum where there was a large abscess!! 

We took her to the dentist on Monday and x-rays revealed a broken tooth reeking havoc in her mouth!! The same tooth on her left side had a cavity and the dentist informed us that was probably what had happened on the right—a cavity gone bad!

Poor gal endured numbing and yanking of a nasty tooth—not too mention the gross-tasting gels and goop needed to numb, cleanse, and make impressions (for a spacer). 

Magically fever is now gone. And she is feeling much better!

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