Monday, May 6, 2019


We baptized our eight-year-old autistic son this past week. In our religion we baptize individuals when they are at least eight-years-old because at age eight children understand right and wrong. We do not baptize children younger than age eight, and usually not individuals with severe mental impairments since we do not know their capacities of knowing and choosing right from wrong [my son fits this description]. 

My husband said a prayer, beforehand, which really flooded the room with the Holy Spirit. My husband’s words reflected my thoughts, that our intent was not to make mockery of the sacredness of baptism, by baptizing someone who probably doesn’t need to be baptized. But, that our greatest desire is to have our son with us for eternity and we wanted to do all we can for him to make it so.

Our eldest child, serving a mission in Uruguay, was able to get permission from her zone leaders to stay up late and video call in and “be there“ for the baptism. So precious!

My special son had his fingers in his ears almost the whole time because the echoey sound of the baptism font and the low buzzing sound from the fluorescent lights was irritating to him. But he did go in and my husband, a faithful priesthood holder, was able to baptize him with one try. My son loves water but has never liked having to dunk his head under.

Here is the little slideshow we made for the occasion and to reflect on our time, thus far, with our precious son. I still don’t know why we have this lifelong trial but I do know that God carries me often and His son, Jesus Christ, will one day return to earth and heal all of us. 

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