Monday, April 15, 2019

Loosing Teeth: revisiting child milestones

Our special guy, #5, recently turned eight-years-old. And finally started losing some teeth [my kids were all late teethers and all late to lose teeth]. 

He is so cute. Silent, but cute. I can’t believe we’re in this milestone of loosing teeth again! And, how different it is this time around; he isn’t announcing that he has a loose tooth nor asking me a million times why we don’t do
have a tooth fairy. [I’m one of those moms! 😬]. 

Yesterday he lost his second tooth. Well, #3 and I kinda helped him. It was bleeding so I kept chasing him around the house and dabbing at his mouth with a tissue. [He  thought it was great fun!] At some point #3 grabbed him while he was laughing and I quickly did a little twist and the tooth came out! And then preceded to chase him around the house and dab at his mouth again. 

This is totally different then how it was with my other kids!!

#5 with his new smile, and birthday toy.

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