Monday, January 7, 2019

Reminder from God...

This past week a tragic thing happened: a dear childhood friend passed away unexpectedly.

I moved to Parkersburg, West Virginia in the summer of 1991. There were two sisters in my two ward—both in my Beehives class (the 12 & 13 year old class for girls). Even though one was my age and grade, her younger sister was always hanging out with us too—but not in an annoying way at all. Both sisters were witty and funny, but the younger one was a bit more daring.

Older and younger, as teens.

The older sister ended up marrying my brother so this allowed me to be in touch with their family a little more after even when my family and I moved away.

My teenage self was shaped by my weekly, often daily, encounters with these gals! When we got a little older, of driving age, then we really hung out: driving all over town in their blue Chevy Corsica, plotting and executing countless pranks, and talking for hours and hours about—what else?! Boys!!!

Getting ready for youth conference dance at Fairmont State College, 1995.

Those middle two! Responsible for the final prank—TRASHING my hotel room after my wedding reception!!!

Me (the bride) with my friends, including both sisters and another sister of theirs :-).

The reminder from God is how fragile life is and that none of us know the hour in which He  may call us home.

I am grateful that my dear friend was sealed in the temple to her husband and children, as well as to her parents and siblings. I know that because of Jesus Christ’s resurrection and Heavenly Father’s great plan of happiness—I will see her again!

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