Thursday, September 6, 2018

Time to Shine!

My husband’s brother and family are moving to Hawaii. They are downsizing. When they bought their current house there was a baby grand piano in the main foyer. They already owned a baby grand—the very piano my husband and his siblings had taken lessons on as children—so they had the movers put their piano upstairs.

Since they are downsizing they decided to give me the family piano. What a gift! I will treasure it forever—I so love to play the piano!!!

Playing piano, through the years, is a lot like my experience running track throughout middle school and high school.

My high school, during the time I attended, had a cinder track which is basically crushed rock and ash. They would chalk in the lane lines for every track meet. Many of the schools that we ran at had the nice all-weather tracks, but not mine. So I would run and train at my school and do pretty well. But, when I competed in track meets at other schools my times were always amazingly faster and my performance that much greater. 

This is how I have felt with playing the piano throughout my life. I grew up playing on very basic upright pianos and then occasional get to play nice ones at church or jazz festivals (or at relative’s houses 😉). It is amazing to hear the difference and realize I ain’t half bad...

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