Thursday, August 2, 2018

Family Reunion 2018

Yellowstone National Park. I finally saw, for myself, what all the hype was about and Mother Nature did not disappoint!

Eight months ago I snagged two homes in Island Park, ID (only 20 minutes from the West Entrance of Yellowstone!) for all my siblings and their families. It had been almost three years since a family reunion and I wanted to have one before my eldest child left home. We already knew that my parents would be absent :-(. We are at a point that many other large families understand; you and your family are so big in numbers that the likelihood of every individual being able to get together at the same time gets smaller and smaller. (As of right now, July 2018, our family consists of my two parents, eight siblings, eight spouses, and twenty-five and a half 😉 grandchildren. That’s already 43 people and two of my siblings are just at the beginning of having their own children!!)

So—six out of eight siblings  and their families were able to attend—not bad! We didn’t take any formal pictures since we were missing people (especially my parents!!) so, hopefully another time soon!!!

Was so glad my kids could “rebond” with their cousins. It just makes your heart glad to see the kids rekindle that special relationship of cousinship—kind of like friendship but with the added bonus of knowing you share family ties!! 

Each family explored the area as they wished, but every evening we spent together for dinner and game playing! Werewolf was particularly popular this year—and as many as wanted could play together! We did also end up spending an afternoon at a local water park with all the cousins too.

(My only sister, newly expecting—receiving a maternity jumper that our mom made and wore with her last pregnancy—and our brother who was that last baby!)

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