Monday, July 24, 2017

Take My Breath Away...

This past week I got to see one of the seven natural wonders of the world: The Grand Canyon. Got to spend the whole day there, from several viewpoints up top to half-way down the canyon--on a mule! My dear mother-in-law watched my two youngest children so I got to explore with my hubby and four oldest--all without having to constantly hold someone's hand or worry about them. What a treat!!!

We explored the higher and less-crowded north rim. My husband and I were definitely not expecting the breathtaking drive there. We thought it would be deserts and dry--not mountainous forests with beautifully interspersed meadows! And then peaks of the canyon!

My friends, who know how much I "love" animals, will not believe that I indeed rode a mule for 3.5 hours since my husband didn't take a picture of me on a mule :-(. Oh well--here is everyone from my view--on a mule. (In his defense--my phone was on a strap around my neck--his was not and he didn't want to drop his phone down the canyon!)

#4, right behind our guide, riding Leslie.

Then #3 on Bill.

(Then me on Suzy Q. The "Q" probably stands for quirky--she kept trying to pass #3 and Bill--and was notorious for nipping at passing vegetation--even ripping out whole plants and trying to munch them while she walked).

#1 was after me, riding on Wickiup. 

#3 on Rooster. She, being our most experienced rider, was given the most stubborn of mules. While most of us just had to nudge our mules with both feet--she actually had to whip hers in the behind!

And lastly, my love, riding on Ike. (There was a couple after him, and they were nervous on their mules).

I could post the hundreds of pictures I took; I will never tire of the views!!!!!

Um, that's really deep.

Nature-made Supai Tunnel

The Supai Tunnel Trail--check out the rest of the trail that meanders down, across a spring (see the bridge), and down, down, down to the bottom of the canyon. Unfortunately the mules don't go down to the bottom anymore (too hard to maintain the trail). Another day I will return and hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon!

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