Saturday, February 20, 2016


#1 had a 16th birthday to remember!
Homecoming dance was on her birthday. What a fun surprise to get asked a couple weeks prior!

Her friend did her hair--lovely!

What a nice guy!

Awesome birthday!
Her party was a few weeks later. She wanted to invite friends to hang out at a park and play fun games. DONE!
decorating drawstring backpacks

hanging around

How many girls can we fit on the slide?

Here they come!


And more!

Still not done!


Yard-sized Bananagrams!

Are these girls cute, or what?!
My baby girl is bigger than me!


Wish I had this on video because it was hilarious!

shower caps + whipped cream + cheese puffs = messy fun!

Mom forgot birthday candles. 16 matches were lit and then #1 raced around to blow them all out.

Glow friends watch as she ends with birthday presents...


ldsjaneite said...

So fun!!! Pass the parcel--was that the big ball made out of tape?

SuburbiaMom said...

It's shrink wrap. You wrap up boxes of candy and little prizes throughout. Took me three rolls to make two big balls!

Anonymous said...

What a fun party! -Stephanie