Thursday, February 19, 2015

Impromptu Evening

Another fun tale, told as concisely as possible:

Thursday's are crazy for us (oh who am I kidding--every day is crazy!!!) and today was a particularly busy Thursday. I made it back from my son's final basketball game with just a few minutes for him to jump in the shower and then shove leftover cupcakes [from the game] into my other kids' mouths before we needed to leave for #1 and #2's music lessons. My husband was still not back from work, which meant that I would have to take ALL the kids with me. The three-year-old was asleep so I had to wake him up--not a pleasant experience for either of us. As soon as #1 got home from track practice, she changed clothes and we all piled into the car.

Miraculously we made it to lessons on time. I dropped off my girls and ran to Lowe's to pick up a few things: a wheelbarrow and shovel being two of the things on the list.

I rushed around Lowe's getting the things on my shopping list all the while my toddlers in the cart--one stuffing her face with handfuls of Wheat Thins (not safe!) and the other still crying and yelling from being awoken from his nap. #3 and #4 were happily skirting around all the outdoor furniture displays and trying out every porch swing and thankfully not knocking anything over (whew!) 

We were making good time and got out to the car with #3 pushing the shopping cart with the toddlers and shovel and me pushing the newly-acquired wheelbarrow while #4 begged for a ride. At the car: um, my keys were not in my purse! Peeking through the passenger side, there hung my keys still in the ignition. And, I had locked the doors--of course!

It was dark and #3 and #4 had not brought jackets. My phone was dead (I took A LOT of pictures at the basketball game). Not wanting to drag the wheelbarrow and shovel back inside, nor abandon them at the car, #3 agreed to stand by the car with #6 in the cart, while #4 and #5 (now slightly calmed down) went with me inside to customer service.

I inquired at the desk if they had anyone working who could unlock/break in to my car. Alas, no one did. My girls' music lessons were ending and I needed to notify them of my dilemma, as well as call my husband, still at work, so he could come and unlock the van door. 

I prayed that maybe I might be able to get one last eek of apple phone juice out, since I didn't have my daughter's cell phone number memorized (not good) and my hope was not in vain for I suddenly was at 20% power (minutes before it wouldn't even turn on!) I called her and she didn't have hers turned on. But, I also had the contact number of the music store where they have their lessons and was able to reach a store clerk who had not closed up shop just yet. He was able to get #1 out of her lesson and I explained the problem. She and her sister would now be walking a half-mile down the road to meet us at Lowe's--while carrying a full-sized cello and a violin. Thank heavens the cello was in a soft case with backpack type straps on it!

My husband was still wrapping up work and wouldn't be able to leave for a few minutes yet. So, we had about a 45 minute wait, which we decided to spend inside Lowe's so we wouldn't be cold. We hauled everyone and all our baggage--a shovel, a violin, a wheelbarrow and a cello--all inside Lowe's. I never realized, before, just how busy their customer service desk is--even at 7pm at night! We were quite the sight and got several interesting looks and comments (none rude--thankfully!) 

#1 and #2 volunteered to walk over to Taco Bell and grab some tacos for dinner and I was very grateful for them doing so. #3 and #4 happily went back to the porch swings (and I could see them from the customer service area!) #5 and #6 were wiggly but taking turns putting them in the cart was enough destraction that I only had to entertain one at a time.

My hubby showed up close to 8pm and unlocked the car. One Lowe's customer had told me earlier, upon hearing about my predicament, "Don't let your husband get mad at you!" to which I told him I would try, though I had no control over it. And, he didn't. I mean, would anyone every think that sitting around in Lowe's with 6 kids, a shopping cart, a shovel, a violin, a wheelbarrow, and a cello was a fun way to spend an evening?!

On our way home I reflected on the last time I had locked the keys in the car and *no kidding* it was when I went to Lowe's once---6 years before! 


ldsjaneite said...

Oh my--what an adventure!! I'm always paranoid about locking my keys in my car, but I never had a gaggle of kids with me to add to the stress. You are my hero.

Megan said...

That is terrible... and hilarious! So glad you all survived relatively unscathed. Definitely a night for the family memory books. :)


What a day! That happened to us once. But we were inside IKEA. If you're going to be stuck anywhere that is the place to do it. Kids areas galore, food, bathrooms and even sofas to sit on.