Thursday, February 12, 2015


2015 is a big year for a family. Four out of eight of us have major birthdays (my little one says it "berfdayz") this year: 2, 14, 16, and 40.  2 because it means you are no longer a baby :-(. 14 because it means going to dances. 16 because it means driver's license. And 40 because it means we're getting old (ha ha)!*

And just a heads up, you will hear me lament about my youngest child's birthday every year this time of year, since she is my baby and every birthday means that much more of her not being a baby. (Can you tell I love babies?!)

She and her "old papa" have birthdays only one day apart. 

Another shot of the birthday peeps (my husband's "40" is over-the-hill--get it?!?!)

Happy birthdays to my babe and my precious baby girl!

*I had hoped to blog about our awesome outta town trip for two and sailing on a yacht but it rained like cats and dogs so the captain said no--but he gave us a raincheck! 40th birthday sailing adventures to be continued...(we still had a great time away from the kids--just nothing super awesome like sailing to report!!)


ldsjaneite said...

My goodness--I love that little baby!! She's so cute it hurts 'cause I miss her. And all the other cuties, too.

Melissa said...

I am right there with you and the baby's birthday! E turned two in January and I left the decorations (dump trucks and backhoes and all things construction) up for a week because I was so sad that I will probably never throw another two year old birthday party again! Babies growing up is so bittersweet! I miss you and your sweet family!