Monday, April 14, 2014

At it again!

#2 and I went to UT at the end of March to attend the General Women's meeting.  Yeah, they switched the age to 8 years and up now, but our tradition is 12 years of age and we go to the meeting itself, not the broadcast.  Besides, I had a lot more fun with her at 12 than I think I would have when she was 8!

First on the agenda (besides flying there):

Full-day of BYU indoctrination!  

I had such great experiences at BYU and that is why I wish for all my children to go here!



We squeezed in time for visits with family and friends.

This is her 93-year-old great grandma, whom she shares her birthday with!

Also on the to do list: Go to the Salt Lake Temple (my first time inside this one, as well!), then spend the day at Temple Square.  We were thus fueled for the big meeting and excited to be sitting on a few of the amazing 21,333 seats in the glorious Conference Center!

21,333 seat!!!!!

Aunt H. came too!!


And, a little fun here and there didn't hurt (though I find snow painful(ly) annoying!  But #2 LOVED it!)

Main actors "Huckleberry Finn" and "Jim" in a local production of my favorite musical, "Big River"

Surprise snow on our way out of church!

Don't see this stuff where we live in CA!

It was a lot of fun and a trip we will always remember.  As a busy mom of six, trips with just one child are a rare treat!  I love my daughter!!


Camille said...

What great memories! Love the pictures, (and your cute jacket.)


I love it! What a fun trip! I love your tradition and it leaves something for the other kids to get excited about and everyone to share memories.

Faith Penningtons said...

I LOVE it! Andrew looks and acts just the same as I remember. You are beautiful as ever. I love reading your blog, it's so well written, and I love being able to keep up. I dont facebook, so this is my little outlet into the world of old friends. I need to be better at actually blogging, but I never know what to write.

SuburbiaMom said...

Thanks Faith! I think you have such a talent for finding and making humor out of just about any situation--that's what you could write about. You have a gift for making people laugh.