Friday, March 28, 2014


It's almost April!  The time goes by too fast!

Some quick Marchy happenings:

My fourth child gets baptized!  

Baby girl finally cuts a tooth--her top left. Top right is almost in--guess she's getting her bunny teeth in time for Easter? 

#5 preps for America's Top (Child) Model. :)

St. Patrick's Day traditional green feast...

#3's basketball team wins the tournament after an undefeated season.  Did I mention he was the only 4th grader to make the team?  Guess it helps to be taller than everyone-including the 6th graders....

#1 receives award for having straight A's through all of junior high!  

#2 proves to be an awesome babysitter-- like her sister...

I continue to receive opportunities to dress up and goof off.

Yea for March!

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Tara said...

Fun reading just a tidbit about all of your kiddos! :)