Monday, July 15, 2013

Getting to know me....

It is great to be outside doing the only exercise that I feel utilizes every inch of my lungs---running!  During a recent run I thought to myself about how long it's been since I ran and then I thought of all the other little random things that I seem to keep track of.

I thought you might want to get to know me a little better so I'm sharing them here.  :)

1. Except for the past two weeks, I haven't run for a whole year.  As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I stopped running.  I have done this with every one of my pregnancies. I guess I'm trying to be gentler with my body, but I am also extremely fatigued.  It feels good be out there again.

2.  My hair is so thick that it takes over 8 hours to dry naturally.  *Shout out to my hair dryer!*

3. I lay my clothes out the night before.  I don't even have that many clothes--I just drive myself crazy in the mornings trying to decide what to wear.  Much easier for me to do at bedtime.

4. Since school got out, I haven't felt much like cooking or baking anything.  My poor family.  But, at least my oldest ones can do it now.  I'm sure my burnout will wane soon?

5. I make to-do lists.  It some times takes me weeks to complete them, but they are there to serve as my reminders.

6. There were like 19 babies born in my ward this past year, and 16 of them were girls (including our daughter).  Young women's classes at church will be interesting in 12 years....

7. I like to wash and polish our cars.  Haven't polished in a little while, but I'll get around to it....

8. My kids have participated in the summer reading programs, at our local libraries, for 14 years now.  That's a lot of free/discounted museum, theme park, and restaurant passes!  Not to mention, books, bookmarks, water bottles, sunglasses, t-shirts, etc...

9. I prefer facebook over instagram and twitter.  It's the psychologist in me that wants to read about what people are thinking and feeling, rather than see pictures or just read little one/two liners.

10. I like to create interesting voice messages for voice mail.  Been doing them since college and I have never made a repeat.  Our current one is a rap.  My husband hates it, but most people love it!

11. Did you know that I was once in a beauty pageant?  As a child I always loved watching the Miss America pageants and secretly hoped to be in it one day.  Any guesses at the age I was when I competed?

12. Long blog posts and emails make me lose right now....later!



our library only gives posters {printed pieces of paper} of books for the library summer reading program. Lame!

Love your list!

Tara said...

Fun post! Glad to hear you're back out running. :)

Isn't it so great to have kids do some of the cooking/baking? I think I've been burnt out for over three years now.

I need you to come wash and polish my car--that is something I do NOT enjoy.

19 babies? That's crazy. You must have a young ward.

In general, I like to know what people are thinking/feeling too but I totally differ from your preference of FB over Instagram. I just can't stand some of the things people post. I find the pictures much less irritating.

ldsjaneite said...

I know how old you were--but I was there. I won't give it away. #8 makes me happy. #5 I know, because I received one once in the mail. :-)

and wow--my hair only takes 4-5 hours to dry naturally (if I put in helpful curl product, otherwise it's only an hour and what a fuzzball I am).