Thursday, May 23, 2013

For reals--

In a nutshell:

This is me and my best friend, Angela, from my childhood in Baytown, Texas.  We met on the bus to afternoon kindergarten.  (Don't recall the boy's name.  But, contrary to the picture, we never let boys come between us and our friendship).

We were there for each other through all of elementary school days adventures--good and bad: practicing back bends at recess, playing in her cool treehouse, sleepovers, when she broke her leg at recess....

I moved away the summer between 3rd and 4th grade. But, we still kept: we wrote LETTERS to each other because there was no internet nor cell phones back then. 

She is my most long-time friend--30 years and counting!

We are now grown-ups with families.


This Monday, Angela lost her home to the destructive tornados that hit Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

This is what it left of her home.

If you are able: please consider sending checks, money orders, or gift cards to her.  Email me and I will send you the mailing address.  OR you can send money via paypal to my email address and I will be certain to send it to her.

Thank you.  I calculated it, and if all of my facebook friends contributed just $5 that would be close to $4000.

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