Monday, March 11, 2013

Time for a post!

I feel like posting a random blog post.  Just me and my random thoughts--enjoy (or don't), but I am!

1. Child #5 is doing pretty good with the addition of his new sister (#6).  And, he destroyed a crib mattress, because he can't get enough of jumping in the crib.  So, a few weeks ago, we took away the crib.  He still isn't used to the toddler bed and we usually find him sleeping on the floor.  And, he kept waking up early.  Not cool.  So, we put him in the pack n' play--where he can't jump and he's contained.  And he returned to his normal sleep pattern.  This won't work for much longer because he is a big boy and looks quite cramped in the pak n' play.  Oh well--we'll take it for now!
I tried pinning his comfort object, the blanket, to the sheet and this is how he fell asleep--still not wanting to sleep in the bed :). 

2.  In case you hadn't heard, my 6 year cell-phone hiatus ended in December when my husband gave me one for a Christmas gift.  It serves as the home phone, too.  You may have noticed I'm on facebook a lot more than usual, but that's because there's only so many things one can do when one is nursing a newborn.

3. After 5 months, since my last haircut, I finally found a good stylist, here, and went in for an appointment.  We decided a little more razoring was in order and *voila* I am instantly more funky!  My kids were full of compliments and praise.  The best was my oldest, "Wow--Mom!  Your hair is just!  It looks like you're going to punch somebody!"  Aw yes--just the look I'm going for--ha, ha!

4. We live right next to a creek trail and we see people running, biking, and walking all the time.  I long to be out there running (we go on walks a lot).  Every spring I get a nervous excitedness inside me and want to run in track meets.  This is in my blood--every spring I feel this way and I attribute it all to having run track for 6 years in junior high and high school.  Looking forward to being a track coach one of these days!

5. My friend shared this site on her blog, and I thought it was great!

Doing some of these make all the difference in the world to me, particularly: wear your pretty clothes, breaking self-care habits down into one a day, and making plans and rejoicing in simple accomplishments.

Getting up a few minutes early to ensure that I'm showered, dressed as nicely as possible (still losing some baby flab), hair fixed, and a little foundation and blush on and I can take a second to look in the mirror and know that I can tackle the day.

6. Speaking of accomplishing something:  #4 turned 7 last week and on his birthday the baby took a really long morning nap and during that time I was able to bake his cake, make dinner, sweep and mop the floor, wrap his birthday gifts, hang up a couple of pictures, and play and read to #5.  It was a great feeling--especially getting the floor mopped.  I celebrated by taking a nap in the afternoon when #5 and #6 napped :).  With a new baby, it really is one-day-at-a-time survival!
Money talks to this kid.

7. #1 got new glasses that we both think make her look older--what do you think?

8. So, they're not left out: #3 proudly displaying the first lizard he's every caught completely on his own:

9. #2's entire class has been busy with state projects for the past month.  They were each assigned a state and had to research it quite thoroughly, write a 6-8 page report, create a powerpoint presentation, and make a state float.  Here's to the Granite State!

10. Here's #6 with her wonderful dad.

11.  Some day I hope to blog about: specific choir songs, over the years, that have touched me deeply and 6-children-tested tips that have worked for me over the years.






Ha! How cute that he fell asleep beside the bed. Sebastian is still in his crib. I am not showing him how to get out of it for all the money in the world. We'll see how long I can contain him. This is a must.

My cell phone got flushed down the toilet and I loved not having a phone for a few days. Made me not want the new one when it came. I did take off my facebook app and some others so that I wasn't on it as much. I feel better about that.

#1 looks like she's ready to go off to college!!!!!!!!!

You have such beautiful children. What a nice big family. I'm hoping someday we'll be blessed with more. Fingers crossed!

SuburbiaMom said...

Crossing my fingers with you, Mary!

Eva @ Eva Bakes said...

Child #2 should have done her project on the First State. Not that I'm biased, of course. =)

ldsjaneite said...

I get the same urge at Spring to run track. Sometimes I go find a track and run a lap. That usually satisifes the urge. :-)

I do miss track meets.

Tara said...

Fun to read your update. Everybody seems to be doing so well, which is great to hear.

I thought #5 was saying his prayers. It's just crazy that he opposes his bed so much that he'd fall asleep like that! So cute.

Our family said...

I can't believe you tell us all about your new do and then don't show us any pics. For the record I've only had one haircut in the past 2.5 years. I'm not anti-cutting, I just hate setting appointments.

Camille said...


Melissa said...

I can't believe #5 is getting so big! I am totally with you on getting the floor mopped. That is a HUGE accomplishment with a newborn and multiple kids.

I miss you and our Saturday morning runs/walks!