Monday, March 25, 2013

The easiest Easter craft ever!

I've been trying to post this post for a few years now--but I always seem to remember AFTER Easter.  And, by then, it's too late for anyone to do!

1. So, you start with a big ol' 5 quart container of ice cream:

2. Eat the ice cream all gone (yeah--that might be hard for you in the next few days.  Ummm--invite some friends over for an ice cream sundae bar--they bring the toppings and you provide the ice cream and bowls and spoons.  Better hop to it!)

3. Wash your empty ice cream bucket and dry well.
4. Take a black Sharpie and draw simple egg designs all around outside of bucket.
5. Fill in your eggs with colored Sharpies (Costco sells a nice multi-pack of colored Sharpies.  If you don't live near a Costco, check out your nearest office supply store: Staples, Office Depot, Office Max...)
The purple bucket is store-bought.  It didn't come with ice cream, just FYI, and a machine painted it.
6. Take to your Easter egg hunts and enjoy all the eggs these puppies can hold!

****Personal note:****
  My kids have preferred these buckets over everything else.  They have a much shorter handle than traditional Easter baskets and they hold a lot more too (5 quarts-worth of ice cream!)

You can also use the ice cream buckets at Halloween time for trick-or-treating--simply draw Halloween-inspired pictures such as: jack-o-lanterns, "trick or treat," ghosts, candy...

I also use these buckets for holding food storage items once I open a 10# sized can; you don't want to keep food in the cans once opened.  One bucket will hold all your product from the 10# can--very handy!

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M-Z-T said...

That's fun. Have you thought about making a fabric cover for it in different themes? That way, run a piece of velcro along the top and bottom (the sticky back kind) and you can have interchangeable buckets.