Monday, December 10, 2012

For you, Mom.

Dear Mom,

Moving has been such a blast!  I can see that you have been busy so I've done my very bestest to help you out.

I hope I spread the vegetable oil all over the floor just the way you like.  Those Costco-sized bottles really get the job done, don't you think?

Did I open the fireplace doors often enough this past week?  Gotta keep that living room ventilated properly you know.

Also, I've been making sure that the cord is always unwrapped from the vacuum cleaner, so it's ready to use at a moment's notice. And thanks for letting my practice my tight-rope walking skills on it every time you go to vacuum!

The peanut butter lid was especially tasty to suck on the other day.  I put it with my shoes to save for later, but I guess you found it?

Now that I've figured out how to open the piano lid I've been checking that the keys are in good working order and I think that you should probably get the piano tuned soon.  Do you like all the beautiful songs I've been playing for you?

It looks like you could use a little more help around here so it's a good thing that you're giving me a little sister in a few months.  I will make sure to teach her the ropes.

  Your little toddler :)


Marie' said...

Hahahaha. Sounds like he is doing a great job of being a toddler, and keeping you in shape. :)

Ben and Carrie said...

So cute! Aren't toddlers fun (busy) with a house to unpack?? We are right there with you. Good thing they're so darn cute. Hope you're getting settled. (Sounds like you're also getting your floors waxed... vegetable oil is the new trick, eh?)

Tara said...

Clever post. Makes me tired, though. :)

Susan said...

LOL. Toddlers are fun, but certainly keep you busy!