Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Goodbye and Hello.

So, we've left Washington and are now in California.  Not in my own home yet, but we're working on it.  In the mean time, a little goodbye and hello....

* goodbye pine trees...hello palm trees (but really, there's more scrub oaks than anything).

* goodbye rain...hello sun.

* goodbye green...hello brown.

* goodbye being in the racial majority...hello being in the racial minority

* goodbye no state income tax...hello state income tax.

* goodbye people-who-accepted-my-family-of-7...hello people-freaking-out-about-my-family-of-7.

* goodbye expensive housing...hello ridiculously expensive housing.

* goodbye known...hello unknown.


Tara said...

Wishing you guys all the best! Hope you find the perfect housing soon. Keep the blog updated so that I can know what's going on with your family and how you're doing. :)

the Holyoaks said...

I miss you already! Good luck with all of the housing stuff and moving stuff. When you come back to visit, let me know! Let's get all of the Fugal girls together in Utah for a reunion soon--it'll be 20 years in 4 short years!

Susan said...

Good luck! San Jose area is a very expensive area. I hope it's better down there than up here. There are a lot of foreclosures around but not a lot on the market -- buying or renting.

Camille said...

Missing you. Glad to hear you've found a place. Keep sending updates.