Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ho hum....

Waiting and waiting and waiting....

Our home is up on the rental market and it's exciting to have potential renters look at our house.  The kids are even excited about it and are doing a fabulous job of keeping the house clean.  Hope someone bites soon.

While I'm waiting I have plenty to keep me busy: packing, packing, and packing! 

I actually like packing--it's like tetris (or 3-D tris) where I get to fit everything in snugly with no gaps.

As for unpacking, one of my sister-in-laws loves it and compares it to unwrapping presents.  I wish I felt like that, but I don't.  So, you know I'll be having a blast with unpacking in a few weeks.

Until then, please feel free to take my little survey, to the right, if you'd like.  :)




Oh boy, I hate packing. I get all crazy. But I LOVE un-packing!!! Getting everything set back up is super fun. I did it at 8 months pregnant and knew I wasn't supposed to be lifting and what not but I didn't care. The nesting was in full swing and I couldn't wait to get everything in its place.

Susan said...

Did you guys find a place? Oh, and I hate to unpack. It takes me months before everything is out of boxes or stashed in a closet.

ldsjaneite said...

I hate packing. It takes me weeks. And somehow I average packing everything I own once a year. So I don't just hate packing. I DESPIRE IT! LOATHE! ABOMINATE! All that jazz.

Funny enough, it usually only takes me 4-5 hours to unpack. I suppose it helps when half of my belongings are all books.

Speaking of which, it is the annual time to downsize for me. I'm going to be brutal.