Tuesday, July 17, 2012

His and Hers -- 14 Years of Marriage --

Making arrangements to take the whole day off to celebrate your 14th wedding anniversary includes:

--His hard-earned money to fund an entire romantic, day-excursion to the beautiful San Juan islands

--Her few precious, uninterrupted minutes to plan an entire romantic, day-excursion to the beautiful San Juan islands

--His using up one entire day of his few, precious 10 vacation days of the year (pathetic vacation time, I know!)

--Her making arrangements for all 5 children to be watched from 6am to 11pm

--His patience in coming to a complete stand still, for 30 minutes, on I-5 due to a 5-car accident

--Her insistence that he drive like a maniac once they could break free

--His compliance to drive like a maniac once they did break free

--Her pleading with the agent on the phone to hold the boat

--His disbelief to pull up and see the boat just leaving the dock

--Her brief thought to jump in after it

--Their shared agreement that they should just spend the day together in the city because they already had the time off and the kids were being watched for the whole day.

--Their shared realization that they've both loved the past 14 years with each other because, just like their 14th anniversary plans, some times things don't work out exactly like you planned, but because you have each other-- you can find a way.


Becca and fam said...

You are so dang creative! What a fun blog post! Congratulations on 14 years together!

the Holyoaks said...

Happy Anniversary! Perfect post. So poignant.

Eva @ Eva Bakes said...

Happy anniversary! And here's to many, many more to come!

Mark, Lily, Jonathan and Jacob said...

Awesome post by the most Blissful couple I know :) Congratulations!

Kelli Burton said...

oh mannnnn. what a story, way to spin that in a positive direction!

and congrats on 14 years!

Susan said...

Congratulations! I a sure this will be an anniversary you will remember. Hope you get to go on the boat ride soon!

Marie' said...

Congrats to you two. I loved the post.

Ben and Carrie said...

Congrats on 14 years together, but I was bummed to read that you missed your boat. You are such a positive person. Hope you still had a wonderful night celebrating, anyway. Gorgeous picture of the two of you.