Thursday, January 5, 2012

December flurries...

My Christmas newsletter went out after Christmas--here's why...


Kindergarten gingerbread houses.

Riding the Polar Express.

Can you hear the bell?

The famous "Blue House" that we took several visitors to see.

Nutcracker ballet!

More frosted fun.

Early Christmas at grandparents with out-of-town cousins.

Best part of the present is the bow.

Christmas manis and pedis!


My hubby is thrilled to see the cougars.


Sleigh ride.


Another one...

More sugary stuff.

He missed the last day of school, due to illness,
so we made our own Christmas trees at home over the break.

Mixing Christmas morning with getting ready for church...

First Christmas!

Hubby and his sis with their babies.

Results of a tired kindergartner's Christmas day tantrum.

The end!


Susan said...

What an active filled holiday. At least you sent out Christmas cards. It didn't happen this year for us.

Micaela said...

Busy, busy! :) I love the pictures, especially the ones with all of the kids on Mom and Dad's hall rug and Jon's face with the cougars. Haha! It looks like you had a great Christmas! Wish we could have been there as well. Well, except for the getting sick part... ;)

Alanna said...

That Santa on the behind! Ha ha!
Love the ice cream cone trees--what a great idea!
And your girls look so lovely at the Nutcracker. That sounds so fun!
Glad you had such a busy and fun Christmas!