Saturday, December 10, 2011

Oh, please!

Many of you know I can easily get on a soapbox and start voicing my opinions: this is one of those times. 

A brochure came in the mail this week.  This is the cover.

Dialogues, like the following, flood my head...

Mom: Oh, Betty, this computer game is much more important than for me to make dinner.  Well, maybe I will, but I definitely don't have time to do dishes!  We are bonding too much in front of my laptop.  Hey--maybe Dad will let us order take-out again, or better yet--McDonald's!

Dad (reading to little Sue): "And Kimmy said to Kelly, 'Mother says I can come over after I clean my room...'"

Little Sue: What's, "clean my room?"

If people are taking the attitude, "Life's too short to clean our own homes" than we are really missing the opportunity to teach our kids an important lesson.  Children feel more valued in a home where they are counted on to do their part.  Why is teen suicide higher now than decades before?  Oh, I could go on and on about the value of work!

"Thou shalt not be aidle; for he that is idle shall not eat the bbread nor wear the garments of the claborer."  (D&C 42:42)

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Marie' said...

I can't agree more. And people do not read books to thir children with the extra time they have gained from a cleaning lady. They go and pamper themselves.