Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Before winter hits....

(to the tune of "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree")

I looked out the window and what did I see?
Fall colors glowing on many a tree.
Autumn had brought me such a nice surprise--
Two beautiful daughters growing up before my eyes.
One turned 10 and is such a treat.
The other turned 12 and is just as sweet.
It was really so
and it seems to me--
Time is flying by
much, too much, quickly!

Busy day--eating funnel cake in our jammies.

Welcome Dragon, now the world's most loved
birthday beta fish ever!

Birthday party with friends--playing country fair-inspired games.

Horse racing!

Finals in the ping-pong blow (they LOVED this one)!

Party time!

Corn dogs and watermelon and lemonade.

Blue ribbon pies for a blue ribbon girl! (Excuse the dirty kitchen).

Yeah, that's a lot more than 10 candles.

Balloon animals!

I love her expressions when opening gifts!!

Older girls now...making glass tile
necklaces, snacking, and hanging out.

Opening presents with two curious little brothers hovering...

Birthday field trip to the Museum of Glass!

Watching a live glass-blowing session...

Cool middle schoolers (and mom and 10-year-old)

HOT glass!

Hot girls!

Never tired of posing!

Chulily glass bridge--looking up
(couldn't get the camera settings right to see their faces).

I could look up for hours!!

12 years old!


Tara said...

Such clever ideas. Aren't birthdays so much fun to celebrate? If only they weren't getting older, though. :) I love your little song at the beginning. You're so creative.

Ben and Carrie said...

What cute party ideas- parties are lots of work, but so worth it for the kids. Your girls are beautiful and yes, they grow up way too fast. But great that they are old enough to have parties where a field trip is involved...

Susan said...

I'm impressed with your birthday ideas. I have such a hard time with thinking up things for the girls to do. I need to hire you. :)

Becca and fam said...

Hey. Kids look cute, and it's good to check out your blog, I haven't been on for a while. Liz and I will be in Seattle in January, at American Girl. Up for a trip there to meet with us?

ldsjaneite said...

You get more tweens and teens at your stuff than I get at mine! :-)

They are so lovely and it's so nice to see them so happy and beautiful. You're such an awesome mom.