Friday, October 21, 2011


I was out of town on Sept. 24, when my church has a worldwide broadcast for the women of the church to watch.  I missed this talk
President Uchtdorf gave lots of wonderful counsel, one thing being not fretting over things that really aren't that important. 

I listened to his talk this past Sunday.  I should have listened to it sooner :).

Don't ask me for help; I'll rarely say "no."  Well, I should have said "no" a few weeks ago.  Our R.S. Super Saturday (a day where we get together and do a bunch of crafts) was this past Saturday.  One of the ladies in charge asked me to head up a cute little set of nativity puppets.  I checked out the template online and knew I could do it.

It took a lot longer than it looked.  Mainly because there was no template for little detailed items, like hair, beards,  headpieces, and such.  I spent Friday night creating templates for everything and then getting all the supplies in order for each person who paid for a set of puppets. 

I also spent a few hours pressing, hemming, and cuffing a pair of dress pants for a friend.  My hubby was gone that weekend and all the kids were in bed by 9pm. 

I couldn't believe it took me SO long to finish up these two projects.  It was 6:15am when I finished and began cleaning up.  I wondered if I should even go to sleep since Super Saturday was starting at 8am (and I still hadn't popped up the popcorn I was asked to bring).

I felt that I needed to go to bed.  That one hour of sleep I got was enough to recharge me for Saturday's duties: making popcorn, Super Saturday crafting, soccer games, caring for infant, etc...

Saturday night, after the kids were down, I found myself in the kitchen making some treats for Sunday dinner, finishing a Super Saturday craft, and cleaning the kitchen.  I'd felt dizzy of and on during the day.  Out of the corner of my eye I could see darkness--I knew the fatigue was catching up to me. 

I felt very impressed that I needed to get to bed--immediately!  My kids didn't need to wake up in the morning and find their mother passed out on the kitchen floor.

Being sleep-deprived is just as bad as being intoxicated.  1 hour of sleep in a 40 hour time period--I was stupidly drunk!  I will never do that again!  (No puppet is worth that).


the Holyoaks said...

Oh my goodness! You poor thing! I don't think I've gone that long without sleep since college. Well, unless you count labor. I definitely can't pull all-nighters anymore. I guess that's why we go to college when we're young. I'm impressed that you managed it, especially with FIVE kids to take care of! Get some rest!

Jennifer said...

I can't believe you did that. Remember, just say "no". ;) I know an awesome, giving person like you won't be able to do that, but please try and go get some rest! :)