Thursday, March 10, 2011

Creative dating 101...

Just got around to filing some things--recipes and other papers I've accumulated during and since college days.  I came across some handouts on creative dating.  So, I've typed them up and saved them all in one file on the computer.  I've added a few and come up with 101 creative dates.  I've done some of these, plan to do some others, and some I may never do (like #43).  But, anyway...just wanted to share these ideas with you!

Creative Dating

Dating in Grubbies
1. Go skydiving

2. Go for a bike ride and have a picnic.

3. Go horseback riding and play cops and robbers.

4. Have a dog wash-- wash the neighborhood dogs.

5. Go rabbit hunting.

6. Go sand jumping.

7. Go ice skating or roller skating.

8. Swing at the park.

9. Visit your state capitol.

10. Picket your own house.

11. Go mountain climbing.

12. Have a water-balloon fight.

13. Get large ice blocks and slide down grassy hills.

14. Race toy trains.

15. Build a dam in a stream or gutter.

16. Ride a jeep to the top of a mountain and cook dinner.

17. Paint a barn or house.

18. Fly toy or paper airplanes (consider the big, radio-controlled model ones).

19. Make mud pies and have a fight.

20. Make jell-o, let it set up, and have a fight.

21. Take a midnight hike with flashlights and extra batteries.

22. Go bug collecting.

23. Take a sunrise hike and cook breakfast afterwards.

24. Go graveyard walking.

25. Go snipe hunting.

26. Play in a fountain.

27. Go on a scavenger hunt.

28. Go ride some skate boards—maybe even find a local skate park.

29. Go river running.

30. Play hopscotch in a parking lot.

31. Have a house-cleaning party.

32. Have a lawn-mowing and garage-cleaning party.

33. Wash each other’s cars.

34. Rent mopeds/motorcycles (get motorcycle license?)

35. Go on a hayride.

36. Go to a wooded area and build a Robinson Crusoe hut.

37. Look for things in the city dump—wear sturdy shoes and thick gloves.

38. Go caving (spelunking).

39. Go kite flying.

40. Have a food or pie fight (outside, preferably)…

41. Climb trees.

42. Roll down hills.

43. Go frog catching and have a frog jumping contest.

44. Do a craft—make candles, macramé, fingerpaint, paint-by-number, pumpkin carving, etc…

45. Ride the train at the zoo—have a picnic.

46. Take bikes in a car to the top of a mountain and ride down.

47. Play croquet in the dark using flashlights.

48. Use a truck and set up a table in the back and have dinner (in a drive-in theater, parking lot, downtown…)

49. Lie down in a cow pasture.
Casual Dating

50. Visit the nearest temple visitors’ center.

51. Rent a truck or moving van and have a party in it.

52. Have a candlelight dinner in the mountains, at a parking terrace, etc.

53. Pick up date, go to a show, window shop—without the use of a car.

54. Take sightseeing tour of the city on a bus.

55. Go elevator shopping around downtown.

56. Visit a fish hatchery.

57. Bird watch at a local aviary.

58. Visit an amusement park. Be sure to try out the bumper cars.

59. Cook dinner together.

60. Visit the nearest planetarium.

61. Go to a local parade.

62. Go to a play/musical.

63. Go to the nearest driving range and hit golf balls.

64. Fix popcorn and watch a show at home.

65. Visit a wax museum.

66. Walk in the rain, fog, snow…

67. Visit travel agencies and “plan” a trip.

68. Go antique hunting.

69. Go to the library.

70. Have a banana split-making contest.

71. Shop for diamonds at jewelry stores.

72. See what kind of good deed you can do for a quarter.

73. Tour any historical sites in your area.

74. Visit a rest home and bring treats for the people.

75. Buy ingredients and cook dinner for less than a dollar a person.

76. Go to a mall photo booth. While waiting for your strip to develop reach up and feel around top of the booth for other’s tossed out rejects.

77. Ride the 25 cent horsy rides outside Wal-mart.

78. Launch a message in a bottle with your email address (make sure tide is going out).

79. Rent a boat—rowboat, canoe, small sail boat. Maybe take boating lessons.

80. Go to a ballet.

81. Visit a local children’s museum.

82. Go to the local thrift store—buy each other outfits for $5 or less. Model them for each other.

83. Write thank-you notes to local politicians/leaders.

84. Go to a sporting event.

85. Volunteer at a local food bank, boys and girls center, etc.

86. Read a book, out loud, together.

87. Hook up speaker system outside. Dance in the street or have a block party (obtain permission first, if necessary).

88. Buy a giant bubble wand and make some huge bubbles.

89. Make a sidewalk chalk mural.

90. Learn to ride a unicycle.

91. Rent a tandem bike and ride around the park.

92. Take dance lessons together.

93. Fill the car up and go on an exploration drive—take roads you’ve never traveled on before. Bring snacks!

94. Invite your friends and everone bring their cars over. Decorate the cars and have a car show.

95. Go to breakfast or a local drive-in in formals.

96. Have a progressive dinner with friends.

97. Have a chauffer and red carpet treatment for dinner.

98. Go to the symphony.

98. Have a candlelight dinner at home.

100. Volunteer to chaperone for a formal youth dance.

101. Attend a charity ball.


Kelli Burton said...

hey thanks for writing these down! there's some good ones on this list.

Melissa said...

Love the ideas...some I've done. I loved those college dating days. It seems I remember doing games in the graveyard. I didn't see that one on your list. I would never do it again. Ha.

Alanna said...

What a great list! Thanks for posting. I'll have to refer to this again.

Lisa said...

This is excellent. Thanks for sharing. Alycia was just telling me she needed ideas so I'm going to share this with her :)