Monday, April 19, 2010

Master of....

With this award, I'm supposed to list 6 things I'm a MASTER at and then pass it on to SIX people. you go! Things I'm a MASTER at.....
1. Making quick, mostly-nutritious dinners without recipes (it's amazing what adrenaline and deadlines can do)!
2. Growing hair (on my head and between my eyebrows--I love tweezers!!)
3. Backing my car into the garage.
4. Speed-reading.
5. Memorizing song lyrics, usually the first time around.
6. Signing up to do too many things at school, church, and within the community :).

I'm passing this award on to:
1. B is for Bobbins
2. Choate Family
3. P-burg Penningtons
4. Pettingill Crew
5. Starpansie
6. The Camacho House


Our family said...

Very nice. When I saw that picture I thought about asking if that was your husband in the white suit. Then it reminded me that every time I go to Arby's I see your husband. I swear it's him they used for the picture of the guy on the cups. Have you ever noticed that resemblance.

K, that was totally off subject, but there you have it.

Melissa said...

So backing into the garage? Is that with the garage door open or closed.

M-Z-T said...

Okay, that picture is really freaky

SuburbiaMom said...

Our Family--Have you gotten a good look at my husband? Just teasing...

Yes, MZT--it's a freaky picture!

And Melissa--I back in with the door open. I'm always in more of a hurry to leave so I hate taking time to back out of the garage. So--I back in so that when it's time to go--we jump in the car and GO!

Alanna said...

I am totally envious of #3-5...especially speed reading! I guess I already knew you were amazing! And unfortunately I share a strength in growing hair between my eyebrows.