Thursday, April 2, 2009

U is for Uncalled-for

Well, of course that previous posting was an April Fool joke! My kids never talk back to me--do yours? For real?!?!?!

Just kidding again....yes they talk back.

Oh yeah, and I am NOT pregnant. Don't y'all remember how I announce my for-real pregnancies? If you don't remember it's because I never announced them :). Now you may be wondering if I really am since I wouldn't tell you anyway....Seriously though, no pregnancy news. We may be done at 4. When we were first married, my hubby used to say, regarding having children, "As many as you want." After the 4th one was born he then said, "We're done, right?" So, I've turned the tables on him and said, "As many as you want," and I added, "but I don't want to be pregnant after 33 or 34." We've got a 2-3 year deadline. I'll let you know, in a non-April-fool-joke-blog if he decides he wants more kids.

Hope you weren't too annoyed by my silly joking. I love April Fool's Day.


Melissa said...

I read your last blog last night and told Jeff that you were pregnant. Jeff was like, "Wow, she must have really done something to talk J into another one because he always said how it was soooo expensive to feed the four, etc." So you had us fooled. Good for you. April Fool's is fun.

Marie' said...

You got me.

Jacy said...

Sneaky, Sneaky!

Becca and fam said...

I read your blog on April 3rd, I read the April Fool's one first and almost left a comment telling you congratulations. Cute and funny blog!